"Riot at Wrestling Bout - Police Called to Suppress Fight of 500 Greeks" article - Chicago Daily Tribune, July 31, 1905

Published in the Chicago Daily Tribune, July 31, 1905

Following a Contest in Brand's Hall,
the Spectators Set on One Another
with Knives and Clubs - One Man
Seriously Injured Before Arrival of
Patrolmen - Three Arrested and
Their Friends Try to Rescue Them,
But Fail.

A riot in which more than 500 Greeks took part was started last evening in Brand's hall, North Clark and Erie streets, at a wrestling match between Nicholas Maches and his pupil, V. Demetreios.  Only one man was injured seriously, but the police had a hard fight to subdue the rioters.  Weapons were drawn and several men received minor cuts and bruises.  The police arrested the three leaders of the disturbance and bundled them into the patrol wagon.

While the prisoners were there under charge of Patrolman William Marbach, the other policemen having turned to make further arrests, the three men drew revolvers and made a determined effort to escape.  Detective William Maher hurried to Murbach's assistance, and the two men disarmed the prisoners, while the rest of the police fought off the mob which was trying to get at the wagon.  The three prisoners gave the names of George Kokamos, George Filash, and George Bulus.  Bulus had been stabbed in several places and he was taken to the Passavant hospital.

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