Greek Brides of Arranged Marriages in Australia

The article, GREEK BRIDES OF ARRANGED MARRIAGES IN AUSTRALIA, was published in the Greek Reporter - Australia online, April 27, 2014,  authored by Ioanna Zikakou.

The book looks very interesting, but I can not determine who published it and where it can be purchased.  If anyone has any information on this, please comment.

The book of Dr. Panayota Nazou ""Greek 'Proxy Brides' in Australia:  From Life Experience to Artistic Expression" (1950-1975)" is expected to shed some light on brides of arranged marriages in the Greek Diaspora, as well as the social life of Greece in the mid 20th century.  . . . 

. . . the author made reference to the courage of brides of proxenio (matchmaking), who endured conditions that would be difficult to fathom in today's society. . . . .  

. . . . many Greek brides remain unhappy and are forced to endure a difficult life for fear of their families' retaliation and the disapproval of the Diaspora.