Part One - 1948 Article - The Spartan Greeks of Bridgetown (fictional NE American city name)

The article - The Spartan Greeks of Bridgetown by J. Mayone Stycos was published in Common Ground, 1948, pp. 61-70 as the first in a series of three articles.  

"When an alien group emigrates from a foreign land, it carries little of that culture in its baggage but very much of it in its mind.  When a poor Spartan farmer comes to America, he cannot carry his mule, his plow, or his olive trees, and neither can he transport the more artistic and literary manifestations of his culture.  But what he can transport to the new land he carries easily and unforgettable in his head - the customs, the folkways, and mores, the ways of thinking and behaving that he learned in his home country. . . . . "

I enjoyed this and would recommend that you take the time to read the rest of this article through the following link - The Spartan Greeks of Bridgetown

J. Mayone Stycos was an early pioneer in the development of the field of population studies. Born in 1927, he graduated from Princeton in 1947 with a BA (honors) in Economics. His senior thesis, “The Spartan Greeks of Bridgetown” was published as three articles in the Journal, Common Ground.