31 Names Listed in GREEK GOVERNMENT GAZETTE - 27 Aug 1834


Recently I have been reviewing the Greek Government Gazettes that Carol Kostakos Petranek covered in her Spartan Roots blog “ Φ.Ε.Κ. The Official Newspaper of the Government of Greece” - https://spartanroots.wordpress.com/2018/11/03/%cf%86-%ce%b5-%ce%ba/

I am browsing through each issue looking for lists of names that might include one of my ancestors. It is a very tedious job.   I realized it might be useful to post and translate names from these lists for YOU.

If you find your ancestor’s name and need help translating the associated text, feel free to post on the Hellenic Genealogy Geek Facebook group and ask for help from our wonderful members.  


27 August 1834 - Government Gazette - A31 



NOTE:  Names are listed in the same order that they are presented on the page.  



Μιχαηλ Ρουκανακης – Michail Roukanakis

Δημητρ. Ιωαννοπουλ. – Dimitr. Ioannopoul.

Γεωργιος Βικης – Georgios Vikis

Νικολαος Φανδριδης – Nikolaos Fandridis

Ζαχαριας Βαγιονας – Zacharias Vagionas

Χριστοδ. Βασιλειαδης – Christod. Vasileiadis

Γεωργ. Ψαρουδακης – Georg. Psaroudakis

Λεωνιδας Δρακακης – Leonidas Drakakis

Πανος Κοντακης – Panos Kontakis

Κυριου Ανθιμου – Kyriou Anthimou

Α. Μουστοξυδου – A. Moustoxydou



Ν. Κοκοβιλης – N. Kokovilis

Ι. Κατσαρος – I. Katsaros

Ι. Νεγροποντης – I. Negropontis

Δ. Παπανικολης – D. Papanikolis

Δ. Δομεστινης – D. Domestinis

Ι. Ζακας – I. Zakas

Λ. Μουσους – L. Mousous

Γ. Θεοχαρης – G. Theocharis

Ιω. Ανδρ. Βοκου – Io. Andr. Vokou

Νικολαος Ι. Αθρινος – Nikolaos I. Athrinos

Α. Κοσκοροζης – A. Koskorozis

Δ. Δριτσας – D. Dritsas

Ζαχαριας Αναγνωστου – Zacharias Anagnostou

Ευστρατιος Καπανδαρος – Efstratios Kapandaros

Ν. Βρατσανος – N. Vratsanos

Ιω. Μεθενιτης – Io. Methenitis

Κανελακης Σαχινης – Kanelakis Sachinis

Δημητριος Ν. Πατρας – Dimitrios N. Patras

Γκιωνης Τσεπης – Gionis Tsepis

Λαζαρος Μεθενιτης – Lazaros Methenitis