41 born in Greece - California Certificates Surrendered at San Francisco from Aliens Previously at Honolulu, Hawaii, 1912-1946


FamilySearch.org has a new database titled "United States, California Certificates Surrendered at San Francisco from Aliens Previously at Honolulu, Hawaii, 1912-1946".  This database includes 41 people born in Greece and 26 people born in Turkey.

This collection contains copies of INS Form 546,(22,000) Alien Certificate - Insular Territory. Before Hawaii's admission to statehood in 1959 any immigrants departing Hawaii for the mainland (whether citizens of Hawaii or those temporarily porting there) were required to be inspected and then given this certificate. Upon arriving at the mainland the alien had to surrender the certificate in order to be admitted. The forms are arranged chronologically. Images are originally housed at The National Archives and Records Administration. National Archives Microfilm Publication A3975. These records cover the years 1912-1946.

The following information may be found in these records:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Country of Origin
  • Name of ship
  • Port of arrival
  • Date of arrival into Hawaii
  • Date leaving Hawaii
  • Place going to in California
  • Personal description
  • Remarks