Book "The Canadian Odyssey: The Greek Experience in Canada" by Chimbos (includes 62 Greek names)

The book "The Canadian Odyssey:  The Greek Experience in Canada" by Peter D. Chimbos was published in 1980 by McClelland and Stewart Ltd., Canada.  

It includes 62 Greek names that I have transcribed below for your viewing.

I borrowed this book through my local library inter-library loan program.  Work with your local librarian to see if they can assist you.


Akaikos - Priest
Apostolakis, Yannis
Apostolakos, Constantine - aka Charles Brown
Astritis, Paul
Athans, George
Bassel, Peter
Bazos, Frank
Brown - References Brown Brothers
Brown, Charles - aka Constantine Apostolakos
Cholakis, Ernest
Colivas, Spyros
Condon, Jimmie
Constantinides, Charles
Constantinides, Ianthe
Constantinides, Petros
de Fuca, Juan - aka Yannis Phokas
Dedaskalou, John
Dranidiotis, Bill
Ganetakos, George
Ganetakos, George
Gerasimos, G.
Giannaris, John - aka John Yannaris;  aka John Stevens;  aka "Johnny the Greek"
Giannaris, JohnNicholas
Grivakis, George
Kalfas, Arthur
Kambites, John
Kambites, John
Kapelos, Thomas
Kapiotis, George
Karamanlis, K.
Karras - Priest
Kilismanis, E
Kilismanis, Evangelos
Kolivas, Christos
Kritikos, Kyriakos
Lazanis, Nick
Lecas, Theodore - Born in Kranedion, Crete;  Immigrated to Montreal in 1843
Mavros, George
Nikolakakos, Demetrios
Nonis, Panayotis - Born in Kranedion, Crete;  Immigrated to Montreal in 1843
Ntoulis, Michael
Papachristidis, Phrixos
Papadopoulos, George
Papageorgopoulos, A. - Priest
Papamanolis, Heraklis
Papandreou, G.
Paparaschakis - First parish priest of St George Greek Orthodox Church in Toronto;  Killed in World War I
Pergantis, Demetrios
Phokas, Yannis - aka Juan de Fuca
Polymenakos, Leonidas
Polymenakos, Leonidas
Savoidakis, George
Sclavoudakis, Nicholas
Sotirios - Bishop
Spyridakos, Athanasios
Stevens, John - aka John Giannaris;  aka John Yannaris;  aka "Johnny the Greek"
Syros, Christos
Tagaras, Nicholas
Tatanis, Petros
Thaquene, Eustrat - "...called himself Greek Canadian & said his father had sailed from Greece…."
Tsatsos, Constantine
Yannaris, John - aka John Giannaris;  aka John Stevens;  aka "Johnny the Greek"
Zervoudakis, A.