"Greeks Must Go Back" article - New York Times, October 2, 1921

Published in The New York Times, October 2, 1921
Quota Exceeded, 378 Immigrants Will be Deported
When the Greek liner Negali Hellas arrived yesterday from Piraeus with 378 Greeks in her steerage the agents were informed by the Immigration authorities that as the quota for Greece had been exceeded during the months of July, August and September the arrivals on the liner would not be permitted to land.  The ruling followed advices from Washington, the officials said, and the Greeks will be taken to Ellis Island tomorrow and held there to await deportation.
When the Megali Hellas docked at her pier in Brooklyn yesterday she had 715 passengers, of whom all but 150 were aliens.  Two hundred of them were young women who had come here from Greece to be married, but the immigration officials refused to permit any one but American citizens to land, except those who had diplomatic passports. 
There are now about 300 aliens at Ellis Island whose cases are awaiting decision from Washington, including 100 Armenians and 60 Mennonites from Southern Russia.

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