Municipality of Chaidari (Haidari) - location of WWII Haidari Concentration Camp - West Athens Regional Unit, Attica Region, Greece

West Athens Regional Unit, Attica Region, Greece

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Note:  This is the location of the Haidari concentration camp (Greek: στρατόπεδο συγκέντρωσης Χαϊδαρίου, stratópedo syngéntrosis Chaidaríou, German: KZ Chaidari) was a concentration camp operated by the German Schutzstaffel at the Athens suburb of Haidari during the Axis Occupation of Greece in World War II. Operating from September 1943 until it was shut down in September 1944, it was the largest and most notorious concentration camp in wartime Greece, becoming known as the "Bastille of Greece". -

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