72 Born in Greece filled out State of Connecticut Military Service Records in 1919-1920

Ancestry.com has a database titled CONNECTICUT, MILITARY QUESTIONNAIRES, 1919-1920.  There are 72 men, born in Greece, who filled out this questionnaire.  You are so lucky if one of your ancestors filled out this 4 page form with precious information about why they fought and their feelings about service.  You will be able to view the entire 4 page form online.

For those of you who do not have access to Ancestry.com at home, it is available in most public libraries for free.

Description from Ancestry.com

This database contains a collection of questionnaires filled out by Connecticut soldiers (or their families) who served in World War I. The first page of the questionnaire itself states: “Compiled by the Department of Historical Records of the Connecticut State Council of Defense, State Library, Harford, where it will be filed, as a permanent memorial of the deeds of Connecticut soldiers and sailors in the service of the federal, state and allied governments during the American participation in the World War.”
The questionnaires included a page of personal information followed by the respondent’s war record with comments and sometimes a photograph. You may find the following details on these forms:
  • name
  • birth date and place
  • citizenship
  • church
  • father’s name and birth country
  • mother’s name and birth country
  • spouse
  • children (names, birth dates and places)
  • occupation prior to and following service
  • employer
  • current address
  • residence prior to service
  • date and place of induction
  • unit, rank, branch of service
  • service history (training, transfers, promotions, engagements, wounds, etc.)
  • comments and personal experiences