Aeolis - Cultural Development Society of Lesvos Island

Aeolis - Cultural Development Society of Lesvos Island 

"AEOLIS-Cultural Development Society of Lesvos Island develops cultural activities and initiatives, mainly in the area of cultural tourism. Its aim is to sensitize and mobilize the citizens of Lesvos towards developing and promoting the Greek culture worldwide, as well as promoting the value of cooperation amongst persons and countries through the exchange of cultural elements, cultural production and the preservation of the natural environment of the island and the area of the Aegean Sea. Aeolis runs an international summer programme on Greek Language and Culture with people from all over the world. It is a partner institution in the EU project “Sing, Smooth and Smile” on therapeutic Impact of Traditional Music and the leading organization of the Cultural Tourism Network in Lesvos Island."

The organization aims at:
- Promoting Lesvos’s culture, indigenous artists, and generally promoting the cultural as well as the natural quality of the island.
- Bringing different cultures in contact with each other.
- Mobilizing the citizens of Lesvos, the mass media and the general social environment, towards actions concerning the preservation of the Greek cultural tradition and of the natural environment of Greece and of Lesvos in particular.
- Creating to the visitors and foreign inhabitants of our country positive feelings towards Greece, and supporting the Greeks living abroad by any possible means.
- Promoting the Greek language, Ancient Greek as well as Modern Greek, and supporting all those who teach Greek as a second or foreign language.
- Developing a spirit of cooperation amongst institutions, in the national as well as the international level, a network which take action in the fields of the arts, languages, peace, environmental protection and sustainable development.

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