Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Book - The Greek Community of London - List of Surnames R - S

The Greek Community of London
by Timotheos Catsiyannis, Bishop of Militoupolis, Dean of the Greek Cathedral, London
Published in London, 1993.

This is a supplement to my original post on  April 13, 2010 "Book - The Greek Community of London"which included a description of the book, a list of family trees included in the book, along with the Table of Contents.  For more detailed information please refer to the original post.

This book includes approximately 1,423 Greek Names -

Surnames beginning with R thru S are listed below.

R. Eman. Geo., Gen. Agent
Rafail, Thomas Athanasios
Raikes, R. W.
Rakic, Nicolas Mrs.
Rali, Stephen Av.
Ralis, Pandias P.
Ralli & Mavroyanni, Merchants
Ralli Antonio & Co.
Ralli Bros.
Ralli Brothers, Merchants
Ralli Eustratio S.
Ralli Pandia Theodore (Listed as being a Greek firm in Liquidation)
Ralli Pantaleone Constantine, Merchant
Ralli Theodore Sons & Co, Merchants
Ralli, A. A.
Ralli, A. P.
Ralli, A. T.
Ralli, Alec. A.
Ralli, Alexander
Ralli, Alexander Th. & Elisabeth
Ralli, Alexandra
Ralli, Alexandra P.
Ralli, Alexandra S.
Ralli, Ambroise Zanni
Ralli, Ambrose P.
Ralli, Ambrosio
Ralli, Ambrosio & Ioulia Th.
Ralli, Ambrosio S.
Ralli, Antonio
Ralli, Antonio & Co.
Ralli, Antonio Alexander
Ralli, Antonio Mike
Ralli, Antonio S.
Ralli, Areti
Ralli, Argyro
Ralli, Argyro G.
Ralli, Ariadne
Ralli, Augoustis S.
Ralli, C. T.
Ralli, Calliopi Eustratiou
Ralli, Caterina
Ralli, Caterina Ambrousi
Ralli, Caterina S. A.
Ralli, Clara S.
Ralli, Cornelia A.
Ralli, David G.
Ralli, Demetrius Jean
Ralli, Despina Eustratiou
Ralli, Dora L.
Ralli, Emmanuel D.
Ralli, Euginia L.
Ralli, Eustratio
Ralli, Eustratio & Marigo
Ralli, Eustratio L.
Ralli, Fanny
Ralli, G. A.
Ralli, George S. A. 
Ralli, John Antonio
Ralli, John Eustr.
Ralli, Marigo Ant.
Ralli, P. Stefanos
Ralli, Pantoleon K.
Ralli, Peter P.
Ralli, Peter-Lionel P.
Ralli, Philip
Ralli, Ploumou
Ralli, Plymnia P.
Ralli, Roderick S. A.
Ralli, Sefanos Z.
Ralli, Sophia R., Mrs.
Ralli, Sozonga S. Ambrouzi
Ralli, Stefanos & Marietta
Ralli, Stefanos & Marietta Avg.
Ralli, Stefanos Ambrouzi
Ralli, Stephen
Ralli, Stephen A.
Ralli, Stephen Andrew
Ralli, Stephen Eustratiou
Ralli, Stephen John
Ralli, Stephen Mrs.
Ralli, Stratis Eustratiou
Ralli, Theodore
Ralli, Theodore & Theodora
Ralli, Theodori Strati
Ralli, Thomas
Ralli, Toumazis
Ralli, Vierou
Ralli, Virginia Th.
Ralli, Zannis
Rallis, Alexander P.
Rallis, Antonios
Rallis, Michael A.
Rallis, Pandias A.
Rallis, Pandias Theod.
Rallis, Sir Lucas
Rally Family
Ranken, Rosalind
Ranken, William
Rethymnis & Klukundis Ltd.
Rethymnis, Minas
Rizos, George Constantine
Rizos, Ioannis
Robert, Julia O.
Robert, Orem
Rodocanachi Demetrius John, Merchant
Rodocanachi Leone & Co., Merchants
Rodocanachi Peter Pandia & Co., Merchants
Rodocanachi Sons & Co., Merchants
Rodocanachi, Michael
Rodocanachi, Michael E.
Rodocanachi, Michael Em.
Rodocanachi, Petros P.
Rodocanachis, John Th.
Rodocanachis, Pandias P.
Rodocannachi Brothers, Merchants
Rodocannachi Sons & Co.
Rodocannachi, Aglaia
Rodocannachi, Alexandra J. Jr.
Rodocannachi, Ambrose J.
Rodocannachi, Anbrose, Paul
Rodocannachi, Angeliki
Rodocannachi, Antonio J.
Rodocannachi, Argyro Z.
Rodocannachi, Caterina
Rodocannachi, Caterina Petro
Rodocannachi, Catherine-Daphne Paul
Rodocannachi, Constantine
Rodocannachi, Constantinos
Rodocannachi, Demetrious Nancy
Rodocannachi, Despina M.
Rodocannachi, Dimitri
Rodocannachi, Eirini E.
Rodocannachi, Elvira
Rodocannachi, Emmanuel Michael
Rodocannachi, Emmanuel Paul
Rodocannachi, Emmanuel Zorzi
Rodocannachi, Fani Petro
Rodocannachi, Fanny
Rodocannachi, Frang. Vlastou
Rodocannachi, George E.
Rodocannachi, George Paul
Rodocannachi, George Petro
Rodocannachi, Giovanni & Co.
Rodocannachi, Giovanni, Merchants
Rodocannachi, Henriette
Rodocannachi, Hypatios M.
Rodocannachi, Irene Mrs.
Rodocannachi, Jenny Pandia
Rodocannachi, Joan Ernesto H.
Rodocannachi, John
Rodocannachi, John Ambrose
Rodocannachi, John J.
Rodocannachi, John Paul
Rodocannachi, L. Co.
Rodocannachi, Leoni Z.
Rodocannachi, Maria P.
Rodocannachi, Marigo
Rodocannachi, Marigo M.
Rodocannachi, Marigo P.
Rodocannachi, Marigo Pandia
Rodocannachi, Mathew Junior
Rodocannachi, Mathew Paul
Rodocannachi, Mathew Z.
Rodocannachi, Matthew
Rodocannachi, Michael
Rodocannachi, Michael E.
Rodocannachi, Michael Emm.
Rodocannachi, Michael Zorzi
Rodocannachi, Myrtle Paul
Rodocannachi, P. P. & Co.
Rodocannachi, Pandelis
Rodocannachi, Pandely Emm.
Rodocannachi, Pandia
Rodocannachi, Pandia Paul
Rodocannachi, Pandia Peter
Rodocannachi, Paul
Rodocannachi, Paul Emm.
Rodocannachi, Paul J.
Rodocannachi, Paul Mrs.
Rodocannachi, Paul P.
Rodocannachi, Paul Peter
Rodocannachi, Paul Petro
Rodocannachi, Paul Z.
Rodocannachi, Peter
Rodocannachi, Peter E.
Rodocannachi, Peter Pandia
Rodocannachi, Petros Pavlou
Rodocannachi, Pietro P.
Rodocannachi, Theodore E.
Rodocannachi, Theodore Emm.
Rodocannachi, Theodore Junior
Rodocannachi, Theodore Pandia
Rodocannachi, Yangou Paul
Rodocannachi, Zangolio Pandia
Rodocannachi, Zanni
Rodocannachi, Zannis
Rodocannachi, Zannis J.
Rodocannachi, Zenni
Roidi, Maria
Rose, Pasqua P.
Rosseti, Gabriel
Rossetos, A.
Rossetos, Alexander A.
Rossetos, Athanassios
Rossetos, Athina A.
Rossetos, Charikleia A.
Rossetos, Constantinos A.
Rossetos, George A.
Rossetos, John A.
Rossetou, Helen G.
Salvago, Augustus N.
Salvago, Despina F.
Salvago, Frangouli
Salvago, Michael F.
Salvago, Nicolaos F.
Scanavi, Argyro
Scanavis, Alexandre N.
Scanavis, Nicholas
Scaramanga Family
Scaramanga, A. P.
Scaramanga, Alexandra Z.
Scaramanga, Amalia Z.
Scaramanga, Ambrose G.
Scaramanga, Andreas E.
Scaramanga, Andreas Z.
Scaramanga, Aspasia Z.
Scaramanga, Calliopi G.
Scaramanga, Despina G.
Scaramanga, Despina Zanni
Scaramanga, Dimitri P.
Scaramanga, Elisabeth George, Mrs.
Scaramanga, Emmanuel G.
Scaramanga, Erato E.
Scaramanga, Erato G.
Scaramanga, George
Scaramanga, George A.
Scaramanga, George E.
Scaramanga, George Em.
Scaramanga, George Emm., Mrs.
Scaramanga, George J.
Scaramanga, George Z.
Scaramanga, Harikleia Z.
Scaramanga, James J.
Scaramanga, Jean
Scaramanga, John G.
Scaramanga, Julia
Scaramanga, Julia G.
Scaramanga, Julia Z.
Scaramanga, Laurent I.
Scaramanga, Laurent II.
Scaramanga, Maria E.
Scaramanga, Maria-Kleo E.
Scaramanga, Marietta J. Mrs.
Scaramanga, Marietta P.
Scaramanga, Marigo G.
Scaramanga, Michael
Scaramanga, Mimina Eustratio
Scaramanga, Mina A.
Scaramanga, Oriettou
Scaramanga, Pandias
Scaramanga, Peter R.
Scaramanga, Petros
Scaramanga, Raymond A.
Scaramanga, Theodore A.
Scaramanga, Zannis Emm.
Scaramangas, Ambrosios
Scaramangas, Andreas P.
Schilizzi & Co, Merchants
Schilizzi & Vuros, Merchants
Schilizzi, John & Loxi
Schilizzi, John & Virginia
Schilizzi, John Stephen
Schilizzi, Michael Z.
Schilizzi, Mikes & Vierou
Schilizzi, Theodore Em.
Sechiari, Pandelis & Arrietta
Sechiari, Parask. & Marietta G.
Sechiaris, Emmanuel Th.
Sechiaris, Pandelis G.
Sechiaris, Paraskevas G.
Sergiadis, John
Sevastopoulo, D. & Julia
Sevastopoulo, Dim. St.
Sevastopoulo, Dimitr. & Ioulia
Sevastopoulo, M. A.
Smyrnova. Sophia
Spartali, Dimitrios & Virginia
Stillman, William & Maria
Strati, Stephen I.
Stratoulis, K. Archim.
Synanidis, Paris & Helene