Genealogy of Chatzikyriakos Family Tree

Genealogy - Chatzikyriakos Family Tree

"This web page documents the Genealogy of our family, which traces its roots to the historical cities of Constantinople (Istanbul) and Smyrna (Izmir).  The information in this website comes exclusively from documented sources. The surnames of the first degree relatives which appear below are stated in alphabetical order:" 

Genealogy of family Chatzikyriakos / Hatzikyriakos / Hadji KyriakosChristodoulakis, Drettas, Giomelos, Kontzoglou, Kounadis, Kouklakis (Kouklis) Lekkas, Maniotis, Papadopoulos, Zafiriou

"Listed is the ancestry of the family which concludes to the newest generation. Some links include pictures of the related person(s) as well as some family pictures with unknown relatives going back to 1850."

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