Kefalonian Roots


The specific purpose of this site is to make information and genealogical documents available to all descendants of Kefalonians, especially those who cannot visit the island and remain for the extended period of time required for researching, obtaining documents, and locating their ancestral village.  Very exciting -  INCLUDES ONLINE DATABASES of "Surnames and Village of Residence in 1700-1800's" and "Surnames of Seamen from the 1700-1800's".

- Offers English translation of Greek certificates.  Shows example of Greek Birth Certificate and English translation of same.  

- Help with requesting documents from any municipality in Greece.

- A description of what records are catalogued and available for a search.

- Information Found on Life Event Documents.

- Kefalonia culture and traditions.

and much more.

Visit Kefalonian Roots and see what else they have to offer.