"Police Quell Riot in Greek Colony" article - Chicago Daily Tribune, May 21, 1900

Published in Chicago Daily Tribune, May 21, 1900

Scores of men engaged in a pitched battle in Thirty-fifth street between Tenth and Eleventh avenues today, and the fray waged hot and heavy until two score of policemen took a hand.  As most of the combatants were armed and one of them swung a saber, it is considered remarkable no one was hurt seriously.  But all of the thirteen taken prisoners bore evidences of the combat, which brought the services of Roosevelt Hospital surgeons into requisition.

There has been an influx of Greeks into the neighborhood in the last few weeks.  At least seventy-five of them have made their homes in the block, which is known as "Battle Row."  They came from Hartford to work for a firm of hatters and furriers in West Thirty-fourth street.

It is said that the conduct of the newcomers has been such as to excite the indignation of the older residents of the Greek colony, hence the battle.