160 Fighters from the General District of Gortynia, District of Gortynia, Arcadia, Greece - Greek Revolution of 1821 - Greece War of Independence

Fighters from the Arcadian Prefectures
 in the Revolution of 1821

The source for this information is the following book:  "Arcadia, a cultural history book" by George Papatheodorou, 1995, Deca Publications, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Note:  author claims "The names of the fighters are from the records of the "Committee Services" and other sources".)



1st Class Officers:
Delegiannis, Kanellos
Palamidis, Pegas
Plapoutas, Dem.
Staikopoulos, Staikos

2nd Class Officer:
Plapoutas, Georg.

3rd Class Officers:
Chrysanthopoulos or Kaklamanos, Pan.
Delegiannis, Dem.
Mpoukouras, Nik.
Speliotopoulos, Spyr.
Theofilopoulos, Io.

4th Class Officers:
Anagnostopoulos, Panos
Chrysanthopoulos or Fotakos, Fotios
Chrysanthopoulos, Nik. Ath.
Daras, Fotios
Ekonomou, Mich.
Emprochoris, Dem.
Kafentzis, G. N.
Kolokotronis, Ant.
Palamidis, Kon.
Paloumpiotis, Liakos
Papadiamantopoulos, Andr.
Pelopidas, Ant.
Rozopoulos or Liaropoulos, Theod.
Speliotakopoulos, Pan.
Stantios or Staikopoulos, Ath.
Tampakopoulos, Kon.

5th Class Officers:
Aggelopoulos, Aggelis
Aposkitis, Argyrios
Demetrakopoulos, Kon.
Ekonomou, Stam.
Ekonomou, V.
Kafentzis, Nik.
Kardaras, Athan.
Kardaras, Theodos.
Karydis, Anast.
Lamprynopoulos, Nik.
Leonardos, Teod.
Mariolopoulos, Polychr.
Mpoukouras, D.
Papadopoulos, Prok.
Papazafiropoulos, Konst.
Petrakopoulos or Petropoulos, Anagn.
Roilos, Dem.
Roilos, G.
Speliopoulos, Georg.
Stamatopoulos or Kapsokalyvas, Georg.
Stavropoulos, Anagn.
Tzanis, Io. K.
Tziralis, Konst.
Vanikiotis, Giannakis
Zafiropoulos, Kon.

6th Class Officers:
Alexandropoulos, Chr.
Alexopoulos, Georg.
Alexopoulos, Kyriazis
Almyriotis, Pan.
Asemakopoulos, Theod.
Chrysahtopoulos, Dem. Ath.
Ekonomopoulos, Kon.
Ekonomopoulos, Mich.
Kallas, Anastos
Kazis, Giannakis
Kintzos or Kintzopoulos, Mich.
Kleris, Io.
Konstantopoulos, Theod.
Kosmopoulos, Liakos
Koulovras, Demos
Lalos, Pan.
Mantzouranis, Theod.
Margiopoulos, G.
Megalofonos, Kon.
Michalopoulos or Kountanis, Dem.
Michalopoulos, Andr.
Mparpokas, giannakis
Mpizounis, Elias
Mpoukouras, Apost.
Mpoukouras, Georg.
Mpoukouras, Kon.
Mpravos, Dem.
Nikolopoulos, Savvas
Nikolopoulos, Zach.
Palamedis, Christos
Pantazopoulos, Dem.
Pantazopoulos, Pan.
Papademetrakopoulos, Anagn.
Papadopoulos, Anagn.
Papadopoulos, Apost.
Papaelias, Konst.
Papageorgopoulos, Georg. D.
Papagiannopoulos, Anast.
Papagiannopolos, Spyros
Papagiannopoulos, Theod.
Papazafiropoulos, Io. Ekonomou
Petropoulos, Io.
Petropoulos, Konst.
Plapoutas, Nik.
Roilos, Vas.
Sarris, Georg.
Sevntalis, Georg.
Skoulidas, Regas Ath.
Soulimiotis, Theod.
Speliotis, Sp.
Spyrakopoulos, Dem.
Stasinopoulos, Anast.
Stasinopoulos, Chr.
Stasinopoulos, Io.
Stathopoulos, Lampros
Stavropoulos, Anagnostis
Syriopoulos or Sarlis, Dem.
Tampakopoulos, De.
Tampakopoulos, Loukas
Theofilopoulos, Chatze Stavros
Theofilopoulos, Io.
Theofilopoulos, Nik.
Thermos, Tourkodimitris
Vavalopoulos, D.
Zouvelos, Arg.

7th Class Officers:
Alevizopoulos, Io.
Alexopoulos, Anaga.
Anagnostopoulos, Theod.
Asemakopoulos, Anagn.
Athanasiou, Nik.
Chrysanthopoulos or Lampropoulos, Tryfon
Chrysanthopoulos, Stavros Ath.
Demetrakopoulos, P.
Droukas, Vas.
Eliopoulos, Pan.
Eremias, Pan.
Farmakopoulos, Pan.
Giannakopoulos, Demos
Giannakopoulos, Georg.
Giannakopoulos, K.
Giannakopoulos or Anastasopoulos, Pantazis
Gkouvatzos, Pan.
Grammatikopoulos, Giannakis
Kafetzis, Pan.
Kagias, Regas Giannakis
Kandyloros, Tzanis
Karalas, Chrysantakis
Kazakos, Metros
Koliopoulos, Char.
Kontopoulos, Tryfon
Koutsoukos, Io.
Tagkopoulos, Io.
Tampakopoulos or Dervenegas, Dem. K.
Thanopoulos, Io.
Tzakas, Ath. G.
Verropoulos, Georg.

Lagkadinos, Eustathios - Priest from Lagkadia (4th Class Officer)
Ekonomou, Agarios - Monk Priest, Abbot of Monastery of St. John te Baptist (6th Class Officer)
Papamichalopoulos, Ath. - Priest from Vlachorrafti (6th Class Officer)
Detoros, Elias - Priest from Zoulatika (7th Class Officer)
Ekonomou, Vas. - Priest from Stemnitsa (7th Class Officer)

Non-Commissioned Officers & Soldiers:
Giannopoulos, Dim.
Kane-lopoulos, Vas.
Konstantopoulos, Nik.
Papademetropoulos, Euth.
Papani-ketopoulos, Chr.
Rasos, Char.
Stavropoulos, Vas. D.


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