FREE eBook - The Greeks in Brazil (Os Gregos No Brasil) by Savas Apostolo Pitsica - Translated into English

Wonderful to have this book available for researchers.

THE GREEKS IN BRAZIL  is a book authored by Savas Apostolos Pitsikas detailing the early Greeks in Brazil.  

English translation is available courtesy of Evan Kakulas who arranged and paid for the transcription into English.

The book is available in PDF format through the website.


Savas Nicolau Savas, the Greek Captain
The Greek Colony in Santa Catarina
The Greek Colonization at the Island of Santa Catarina
Southern Country Chain Migration Studies
Friendly synthesis of two cultures
The Greeks in the State of Parana
Habits and Mirologias translplanted from Kastelorizon Island to Santa Catarina's Island
Hellenism in Florianopolis
Linked Facts to the Hellenic Community
List of Greeks and their ancestors disposed by their professions