Exciting News - Imbros Toponym Map with 2,400 Place Names (Greece)

This is so exciting!  What a wonderful tool for those researching family ties to this island.

GreekReporter.com - Europe 
Published October 22, 2014
Author Ioanna Zikakou

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, as a native of the island of Imbros, stressed the importance of the “Toponym Map of Imbros” in studying history as well as the local idiom. He further stated that the map would help on better approaching tradition and the cultural heritage of the island’s inhabitants. 

The “Toponym Map of Imbros,” which was completed after a 10-year effort, includes all the island’s place-names (more than 2,400), as handed down from generation to generation.

This small atlas includes 36 maps was published by the Imbros and Tenedos Studies Association, with a donation by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. The authors worked with patience, love and great care to gather the material. According to President Giorgos Xeinos, the atlas was created with the help of seven groups, from the island’s even villages, who searched for place-names through locals and in historical documents. 

The atlas’ 144 pages include a map of place-names in Greek, as well as maps and charts per village and subregions. The reader can find the place they are looking for on the map and then turn to the 98 charts (written in Greek and in the local idiom) to find the area’s toponym.