68 Fighters from Doliana, District of Kynouria, Arcadia - Greek Revolution of 1821 - Greece War of Independence

Fighters from the Arcadian Prefectures
 in the Revolution of 1821

The source for this information is the following book:  "Arcadia, a cultural history book" by George Papatheodorou, 1995, Deca Publications, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Note:  author claims "The names of the fighters are from the records of the "Committee Services" and other sources".)



6th Class Officer:
Liapis or Panagiotopoulos, Eustathios

7th Class Officers:
Anagnostopoulos or Metropoulos, Metros
Konstantinopoulos, Elias
Konstantinou, Elias
Mpekiaris, Elias

1st Class Non-Commissioned Officers:
Foufas, Athan. I.
Gagonis, Nik. V.
Georgiadis, Io.
Georgiadis, Kon.
Gogonis, V.
Karympakas, K. N. (Priest)
Metropoulos, Kostas

2nd Class Non-Commissioned Officers:
Anagnostopoulos, Elias Io. (Priest)
Chotou, Metros G.
Kanakis, Io.
Karzis, Georg.
Karzis, Kostas
Konstantinou, Lymperis
Metropoulos, Io.
Panagiotopoulos, Io.
Panopoulos, Aggelis
Pantelakis, Anagn.
Roris, Anagn.
Tsiampazis, St.

Douropoulos, Io.
Foufas, Georg. D.
Georgakis, Ant.
Georgakis, Dem.
Ioannou, Io. Ch.
Kachrimanis, Elias
Kachrimanis, Kon.
Kachrimanis, Metros
Kanakis, V.
Kanellopoulos, Nik.
Kanellos, Io.
Katzanas, Georg.
Kolostoumpis, Georg. Pan.
Kolostoumpis, Kostas
Kolostoumpis, Spyr.
Konstantinou, Paulis
Kontogiannis, Anast.
Kontogiannopoulos, Ant. A.
Mpatavos, Kostas Io.
Simitzis, Theod. P.
Spanos, Ath.
Stavroupoulos, Lymperis
Vekounopoulos, Nik.
Zacharopoulos, Panag.
Zervas, Metros

Not Sorted:
Choutos, Georg.
Giagianos, Nikolas
Goutos, Nikolas
Karametros, Pan.
Karumpakas, Marinos
Koletis or Kolias, Metros
Koumoutzakis, Pan.
Koumoutzos, Metros
Laliotis, Stathis
Maurias or Maurianou, Pan.
Meglis, Petros
Panopoulos, Theodore
Roris, P. Anagn.
Spanopoulos, Georg.
Spanos, Georg.
Spyrou, Theodore
Thofilis, Vasil.
Tsirikos, Limperis