Wednesday, September 24, 2014

18 Fighters from Valtetsi, District of Mantinea, Arcadia - Greek Revolution of 1821

Fighters from the Arcadian Prefectures
 in the Revolution of 1821

The source for this information is the following book:  "Arcadia, a cultural history book" by George Papatheodorou, 1995, Deca Publications, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Note:  author claims "The names of the fighters are from the records of the "Committee Services" and other sources".)



5th Class Officer:
Papagiannopoulos, Sar.

6th Class Officer:
Papageorgiou, Anagn.

7th Class Officers:
Lafazanos, Pan.
Mpourikas, El.

1st Class Non-Commissioned Officers:
Karampelas, Drakos
Mpakogiannis, Lymp.
Ntasopoulos, Dim.

2nd Class Non-Commissioned Officers:
Vlachos, Io.
Develekos, Chr.
Ekosipentarchos, Dem.
Konstantelos or Archontakis, Kon.
Papagiannopoulos, P.
Petrogiannis, Io.
Souchlas, P.
Tzoukas, P.

Kostalanos, Ant.
Sampanis, Io.
Valtetsiotakis, Kon.