91 Fighters from Alonistaina, District of Mantinea, Arcadia - Greek Revolution of 1821

Fighters from the Arcadian Prefectures
 in the Revolution of 1821

The source for this information is the following book:  "Arcadia, a cultural history book" by George Papatheodorou, 1995, Deca Publications, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Note:  author claims "The names of the fighters are from the records of the "Committee Services" and other sources".)



2nd Class Officer:
Demetrakopoulos, G.

3rd Class Officer:
Demetrakopoulos or Tourkovasilis, Vas.

5th Class Officers:
Demetrakopoulos, K.
Kotzakis, G.

7th Class Officers:
Demetrakopoulos, D. P.
Demetrakopoulos, Io.
Demetrakopoulos, N.
Demetrakopoulos, Th. St.
Kotsanis, F.
Mantis, Christof
Rousas, Ath.

1st Class Non-Commissioned Officers:
Anagnostopoulos, Anagn.
Augerinos, N.
Kotsakis, Ant. (Priest)
Kotsio, Io.
Kotzakis, Andrianos
Kotzelopoulos, G.
Mantis, Argyris
Mantis, Prok.
Mpitzas, Nik.
Papagiannis, El.
Prantalos, Chr.
Proutzos, D.
Sougleris, Theod.
Teleme or Kotzakis, D.

2nd Class Non-Commissioned Officers:
Augerinos, Ath.
Augerinos, El.
Demetropoulos or Rokas, V.
Demetroulas or Krempekos, Giannis
Galanopoulos, N.
Kotsolopoulos, P.
Kotzakis, G.
Kotzakis, K.
Kotzakis, N.
Mpagatelos, Ath.
Papaeliopoulos, Ath.
Papaliopoulos, V.
Papageorgakopoulos, G.
Siourntis, Ath.
Smyrlis, Ch.
Tourloukis, D.
Vasilakopoulos, Ath.
Vasilakopoulos, Ch.
Vasilo-poulos, D.

Anastasopoulos, Triant.
Augerinos, G.
Demetroulas or Christofilopoulos, K.
Eliopoulos, Metros
Eliopoulos, N.
Georgiou, Anagn.
Kadis, Giannakis
Karampelas, K.
Karopoulos or Tzegkeletos, Th.
Katzargyris, Eust.
Kitzos, Par.
Klentos, Spyros
Kontogeorgas, Io.
Kontogeorgis, Anast.
Kotzakis or Marampoutis, G.
Kotzakis or Trevlos, G. P.
Kotzakis, Stavr.
Kotzakis, Theod. K.
Kotzelas, V.
Koutzioukos, Giannakis
Lainas, Ath.
Liako-poulos, Demos
Liakopoulos, Xiarchos
Linardos, D.
Liopoulos, Lampr.
Manolis, Chr.
Mpougas, Ath.
Mpougas, G.
Mpozos, Ioan.
Ntavakos, Th.
Papadias, Ch.
Paraschos, Par.
Paresios, Anagn.
Piteros, Io.
Roumpos or Lagos, D.
Roumpos, Sot.
Roumpos, Th.
Stefanos, G.
Tertipis or Kotsakis, V.
Theodes, Io.
Theodoropoulos, K.
Thodos, N.
Tountas, K.
Tourloukis, Ath.
Varelas, Athan.
Vasilopoulos, Th.
Zervas, Pan.