Pavlos Vrellis, Museum of Greek History in Wax Effigies - Bizani Village, near Ioannina, Greece


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 I would like to thank those who preserved my religion, my language and my nationality so that I can be a Christian and Greek.  The love and worship I had, since I was a little boy, to the heroes of the pre-revolution and the war of independence of 1821 turned to love and admiration for the heroes after them. Those who got slaughtered, hanged, flayed alive and humiliated so that now we can enjoy this place free of slavery.
            This little nation has shown its bravery on many occasions. We replaced the javelin with the flintlock or the contemporary gun and cried out loud to all nations on earth: ‘Hellas never dies’.
To pay tribute to and out of love and faith for the anonymous and famous heroes, I made this wax Museum of Greek History in Bizani village, 12 km away from the city of Ioannina.  My intention is to offer moral historic tuition, keep the sacred memory of all the historic figures and events that lived inside me, alive.
            All the compositions are mine. I worked not only based on the bibliography I gathered about historic and folklore data, but also on information I got from the places I visited, photographed and designed for years.
I would like to thank all Greek and foreign writers, who, by means of their sources, turned out to be invaluable guides to the creation this piece of work as well as the writing of this book you are holding at the moment.
            Last but not least, I owe a big thanks to my professors at the School of Fine Arts in Athens for the knowledge they passed down to me on both theoretical and practical subjects; knowledge that was of great help in the creation of this piece of work.

Paul Pan. Vrellis
Bizani, winter of 1994-5