"700 Greeks Yell Pledge to Help U.S. Enter Berlin" article - Chicago Daily Tribune, August 22, 1917

Published in the Chicago Daily Tribune, August 22, 1917

Outburst of Patriotism
Marks Rally at the
Hull House.

Seven hundred Greeks of Chicago last night accepted with yells of approval Maj. Chiperfield's invitation to march with the United States troops down Unter den Linden in Berlin.  Bowen hall, Hull House, in the heart of the alien district, was hardly large enough to hold the crowd of men who almost cheered the roof off in endeavoring to show their loyalty to the country of their adoption.

From the time the meeting opened and the buglers from the Second artillery - twenty-five of the members of which were present - blew the calls used in the army and explained their meaning to the alien friends, the audience was on its feet half the time.

Howl Hatred of Bulgars.

Every time the flags of Greece and the United States were mentioned they rose.  When Maj. Chiperfield or Andrew Vlachos, a Greek attorney and one of the speakers, shook hands, they rose and cheered.  Every time a reference was made to the Bulgarians or to the Star and Crescent of Turkey they rose and howled anathema.

A Call to Service.

The following statement was read, signed by prominent Greeks of the city:

"First.  The Greek community of Chicago requests its members [requesting all other Greek communities in the United states to follow its example] to express in deeds their faith in, love for, and devotion towards the United States of America.

"Second.  It urges its members, whether American citizens, declarants or not, waiving their privileges of exemption, to enlist in the American army and navy, and full of national pride fight under the Stars and Stripes, thus following the example of thousands of Greeks of America, who have, as volunteers, enlisted in the American army and navy up to this time."

Miss Jane Addams of Hull House was not present, having left town yesterday afternoon, but she had asked Mrs. Eleanora Karstens, secretary of the Woman's Peace party, to be there, and to convey her regrets to Maj. Chiperfield, which was done.

The meeting last night is the first of a series which Maj. Chiperfield proposes to hold in all parts of the city to encourage patriotism among the aliens.