Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ervrytanian Association of America "Velouchi" - article Greek Reporter USA

Evrytanian Association of America "Velouchi" in Support of Greece - article published on the GREEK REPORTER usa on July 19, 1012 - authored by Stella Tsolakidou

"Karpenissi, Greece will be the host city for the 71st Convention of the Evrytanian Association of America "Velouchi" to take place in 2015.  The Convention will be like a pilgrimage across the Greek Prefecture of Karpenissi and the numerous works that have been done there with the financial support offered by the Greek Diaspora of the U.S. . . . "

Note:  Karpenissi (Karpenissi) is a Municipality in the Regional Unit of Evrytania, Central Greece Region, Greece