Boston 1902 - Index to Passengers from Greece Arriving Port of Boston (81 Names)

I have done my best to transcribe this information accurately.   I would encourage you to look at the original records whenever possible.  Below you will find links to several resources where you can view the original passenger manifests.

This is a list of Passengers Arriving at the Port of Boston stating Greece as their last residence - Year 1902.  


Use this Index as an additional guide that may be of help in locating those elusive ancestors and the passenger ships they arrived on.    Many names were transcribed with very strange spellings.  If you see someone that MAY be of interest, look at the original manifest to see if it was transcribed incorrectly.

Below are a few resources for additional information and/or copies of the original ship manifest.  (There are additional resources being added all the time - so Google it, and see what’s available.)

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) -


Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild -

Ancestry Inc. -


Note:  This is not to be considered a complete Index of Greek passengers, and as a matter of fact, people who stated that their birthplace was Greece may be from other ethnic backgrounds.  Also, these listings may or may not include people from some Balkan countries, that were occupied by the Ottoman Empire, where the people considered themselves to be Greek or from the Asia Minor territories.  Also, keep in mind that country boundaries kept changing.


Arrived in Boston on SS Commonwealth on 7 February 1902
R. Vitsaxis

Arrived in Boston on SS Cambroman on April 1902
Commaso Arena
Ricolo Casta
Giuseppa Casta
Giuseppe Casta
Francesco Femino

Arrived in Boston on SS New England on 6 April 1902
Fia Lchta

Arrived in Boston on SS Merion on May 1902
Amanda Lama
Rosa Myllykoski

Arrived in Boston on SS Cambroman on 18 May 1902
Ernesto Pasq Salvati

Arrived in Boston on SS Cambroman on 1 July 1902
Joseph Arnopoulo

Arrived in Boston on SS Cambroman on 22 September 1902
Pietro Giuseppe Mastrovalino

Arrived in Boston on SS Vancouver on 12 October 1902
Mitropulos Atanasios
Ceodoro Cruselis
Panagiotis N. Barianis
Colonis Nicolaos
Demetrio Panagiokis
Londucas Panagiotis
Cristos Panagiotou
Pietro Pazulio
Andrea Petropulos
Giorgiod Rumleo

Arrived in Boston on SS Vancouver on 27 November 1902
George Alexandropoulos 
Constantin Aloieropoulos
Constantine Angelopoulos
Gerge Ardamakis
Zarkos Ath
George Blemas
John Bulogianes
Panyotis Canelepoulos
Demetre Castellanos
Jekan Charakampepoiks
Petros Christopher
Panos Chronopoulos
Stephan Demetris
Demetre B. Diamentopoulos
Nicolas Foukas
Brasile Gianacopoulos
Alexander Giuvelas
Lean Glugonil
Antoine Hostarelos
George A. Kalojeropoulos
Nicola K. Karahalios
George A. Kiriakopoulos
John Koliopoulos
Basile Landavos
E. D. Levias
Petropoulos Manigo
Panagotis Maritras
Nicolas Mastroiajanos
Nicolas Mavrakis
Panapitez Mikopolonah
Demetre A. Mohosilie
Chanogo D. Moscovitz
G. Murrivie
Antonine Nydias
Pomaiotis Papancopulos
Petros Petropoulos
Magdaline Petropoulos
George Petropoulos
Cristos Petropoulos
Demetried T. Poligie
Janos S. Pretropoulos
Sarante Raphanis
Loukas Sadeharidis
George Sagos
Dennis T. Scoras
Costa Scoras
Cristos Sfiris
Nicolas Siares
Demetre Sparopaulof
A. N. Spviolaulos
Constantine Stathopoulos
H. Stavrous
Angelos Stires
Jean Syrispoulos
Manage Varantsos
George Varonotios
Stammos Zapariadis
Charalibus Zepenecos
John G. Ziavras