"Strikers Battle Militia All Day; 13 Reported Dead - Battle in Colorado Coal Zone Ends with Death of Leader of Greek Miners" article - Chicago Daily Tribune, April 21, 1914

Published in the Chicago Daily Tribune - April 21, 1914

Battle in Colorado Coal Zone
Ends with Death of Leader
of Greek Miners.
Number of Slain Said to Include a
Soldier and a Civilian;
Clash Near Trinidad.
TRINIDAD, COLO., APRIL 20. - A fourteen hour battle between striking coal miners had members of the Colorado National guard in the Ludlow district today culminated late tonight in the killing of Louis Tikas, leader of the Greek strikers, and the destruction of the Ludlow tent colony by fire.

Reports received here late tonight place the dead at thirteen persons, including eleven strikers, one soldier, and one noncombatant.  It also was reported that two soldiers had been wounded, one seriously, and that more than twenty strikers were wounded.

Machine Gun Sweeps Tents.

Darkness Fell with the battle raging fiercer than at any time during the day.  A machine gun brought by the reinforcements was planted near the Ludlow station and the tents of the strikers' colony were swept.

Reports received shortly before 6 o'clock state that heavy firing still continued.  All telephone wires are down and telegraphic service is limited to one railroad wire.

The military force totals about 100 men and fully 400 armed strikers are said to be in the hills at the foot of Hatsings and Berwind canons and along the Colorado and Southeastern railroad tracks.

Refuse to Carry Troops

An effort to send recruits from Trinidad was delayed this afternoon by the refusal of the train crew to take out the train.  The master mechanic and dispatcher and superintendent finally took out the train.

The entire district is in a high state of excitement.  Citizens are arming themselves in Trinidad.

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