"Aapi Means Agapi", says Researchers Presenting Online Greek-Cypriot Dictionary - GREEK REPORTER Europe, July 14, 2012

"Greek Cypriot or Greek? Is Greek Cypriot a language that is the same or slightly different from Greek? A research team based in Cyprus has collected over 15,000 words from the modern Cypriot Greek dialect. They made a Greek-Cypriot Greek dictionary online, where users have the chance to search what Cypriot “aapi” means in Greek. (In case you are wondering, it means “agapi” (love in English).”
Christodoulou Kiriaki, Armosti Spyros, Koutsoyannou Marianna and Charalambos Themistocleous have collaborated to create this unique platform, where users can search for a word, read its meaning in Cypriot Greek or Greek and listen to its pronunciation."