"Italian Girl of 15 Shoots Her Greek Husband" article - Chicago Daily Tribune, June 21, 1915

Published in the Chicago Daily Tribune, June 21, 1915

She Says Difference in 
Nationalities Made 
Their Lives Unhappy.

The failure of a 15 year old Italian girl to find the happiness she sought when she married a Greek 20 years her senior, is believed by the police to have supplied the motive for the girl who shot her husband yesterday.

Both blame the occurrence on the fact that they are of different nationalities.  The girl said she should never have married a Greek because she ways Greeks don't seem to get along well with Italians.  The husband seems to agree with her.

The victim is Nick Bizones, newsdealer at Thirty-fifth street and Indiana avenue.  He told the police his estranged wife shot him in the back because he refused her offer of reconciliation.  The shooting occurred in front of the newsstand.

Bizones was taken to the Provident hospital, where his condition is regarded as serious.  His wife, Frances, was taken to the South Clark street annex.  She is the daughter of Attorney S. Insalata of 3349 Prairie avenue.

She married Bizones a year ago.  According to the police, they have been separated for the last two months.  The girl went to live with her father.  Bizones rented a flat at 236 East Thirty-fifth street.