"Greek to Stay in Jail Until Muriel is Helen - Dispute Over Name of Baby Daughter" article - Chicago Daily Tribune, April 15, 1914

Published in the Chicago Daily Tribune, April 15, 1914

Dispute Over Name of Baby Daughter
Leads to His Conviction for
Failure to Provide.

Los Angeles, Cal., April 14. - Chrystos Malamatinos of Athens went to jail today and announced he would stay there until his baby, named Muriel, shall have become the namesake of Helen of Troy.

The Greek's wife is an American.  After the baby came she read a novel in which the heroine was named Muriel.  She fancied that name and gave it to the baby despite the protests of her husband, who insisted that it should be named Helen.  Malamatinos left home and was charged today in the Superior court with failure to provide.

When arraigned he told the judge that he would not support a Muriel or a Muriel's mother.  If his wife consented to change the name of the baby to Helen, he would return to support the family.  Otherwise he preferred to remain in jail.

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