"Greece as a Kingdom" by Frederick Strong, Esq. - published 1842 - FREE Ebook

This book is available as a FREE ebook through the title link below: - (Personal Note:  I found this book very interesting - take a look at Chapter II - the portion on Laws passed by the King regarding Coroners, and Public Registers of Births, Deaths, and Marriages.  Many more areas of interest to those of us researching Greek family histories, browse through the entire book.)

From the Arrival of King Otho, in 1833,
Down to the Present Time,

Drawn Up
From Official Documents and Other Authentic Sources

Dedicated by express Permission
His Majesty The King of Greece,


By Frederick Strong, Esq.
Consul, at Athens for Their Majesties 
The Kings of Bavaria and Hanover.


Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans,



Boundaries - Longitude and Latitude - Length and Breadth - Area - Population - Climate and Temperature - Soil and natural productions - Geological Formation - Mineral Productions - Natural History - Mountains - Rivers - Lakes - Forests - Mineral Springs - Roads - Statistics of Athens - Tables of Births, Marriages, and Deaths in 1839 - Table of the Population of Greece in 1840 - Statistical Notices

Retrospect of Events prior to the Arrival of the King - Protocol of the Conference of St. Petersburgh - Treaty of London of the 6th July, 1827 - Definitive Treaty of the 7th May, 1832 - The Royal Prerogative - Secretaries of State - Council of State - Division of the Country into Provinces - Salaries of Civil Officers - Municipal Corporations - Tables of the Communes - Responsibility of the Communes for Robberies - Police - Gendarmerie - Regulations of Health - Central Medical Board - Fees for Diplomas - Quarantine Regulations - Spoglio - Quarantine Establishments - District Physicians - Medical Fees - Vaccination - Coroners - Public Registers of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - Public Medical School

Rise and Progress of Greek Commerce - Money and Coins - Weights and Measures - Interest and Discount - Laws of Mortgages - National Bank - Private Banks - Stamps - Chambers of Commerce - Commercial Tribunals and their Jurisdiction - Custom House Establishments - Bonding System - The Tariff - Marine Insurance Companies - General Foreign Trade - Commerce between Greece and Trieste - Principal Articles of Commerce - Treaties of Reciprocity, Commerce, &c. - Greek Consulates abroad - Foreign Consuls in Greece - General View of the Annual Value of Greek Commerce 1833 to 1840 - General Table of Imports and Exports - Treaty of Commerce between Great Britain and Greece - Treaty of Commerce between the United States of America and Greece

Division of the Coasts into Maritime Districts - Price of Shipbuilding - Number of Vessels built in 1838, 1839, and 1840 - Port Charges - Quarantine Dues - Comparative View of the Merchant Navy for each Year from 1834 - 1841 inclusive - Greek Shipping to Foreign Ports - Navigation with Triests - Annual Navigation of the principal Ports of Greece - Number of Vessels belonging to each Port - General View of the Arrivals at and Departures from, the Greek Ports

Present State of Agriculture - Number of Farmers - Number of Oxen - Colonists required - Facilities afforded them - Price of Land - Supply of Water - Drainage of Lakes and Marshes - Change in the Appearance of the Country - Artesian Wells - Agricultural Implements - Culture of Wheat, Barley, Oats, Pease, Beans, Tobacco, Cotton, Opium, Madder, Rice, Sesame Seed, Currants, Wine, Olive Oil, Figs, Almonds, Lemons, Persian Berries, Gum Tragacanth, Valonea, Vermilion, Silk, Bees - Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Wool, Butter, Cheese - Trades and Manufactures - Statistical Tables of the Division of Labour, Trades, and Professions

1.  Administration.  Minister of Finance - Court of Accounts - Treasury and Provincial Treasuries - 2.  Revenue.  Mode of raising the Revenue - Direct Taxes - The Tithe, the Cattle Tax, the Tax on Trades, and House rent Tax - Indirect Taxes - Customs, Stamps, Port Charges, and other Fees - Public Establishments:  Mint, Post Office, Printing Office - National Property (a) Government Monopolies viz. Lands, Mines and Minerals, Salt-works, Fisheries   (b) Perishable Property, viz. Woods and Forests, Olive Trees, Vineyards, Currant Plantations, Royal Domains, Gardens, Houses, and other Buildings - 3.  National Expenditure.  Financial Report of the Expenditure. - Table of the Revenue and Expenditure of the Years 1833 - 1840 inclusive - General View of the Finances for the Year 1840.

State of the Army on the Arrival of the King - The Troops disbanded and the Army re-organised - Effective Force - Sundry Regulations - Commission appointed to investigate the Claims of the Officers who had served in the War of Independence - Reduction of the Army in 1836 - Further Reduction in 1838 - View of the numerical Strength of the Army in 1833, 1836, 1838 - Present State of the Army - Royal Greek Phalanx - Gendarmerie - Frontier Guards - Irregular Troops - Mode of Recruiting - Promotion - Administration - Pensions, Asylums, and Hospitals - Courts-martial - Uniforms - Cockade - Royal Standard - Schools of Instruction - Royal Military Academy - Fortresses - Military Establishments - Military Colonies - Rewards and Punishments - Orders of Knighthood - Bavarian Troops - Financial report - Table of the effective Force of the Army on the 1/13 December, 1840 - Table of Officers employed on special Service, and those not belonging to the active Forces - Table showing the Reduction and Saving effected - Table of the Pay of Officers, Non-commissioned Officers, and Privates of the Tactic Corps

State of the Navy on the King's arrival - Special Commission appointed - Organisation of the Navy - Pay of Officers and Seamen - Table of Rations - Administration - Marine Prefecture - Dockyard and Arsenal - Uniforms and Distinctions of Rank - National Flag - Promotion - Recruiting - Punishments - Port Officers - Lighthouses - Corps of Marine Artificers - General View of the Navy in 1840 - General View of the Navy on the 1st of January, 1841 - Decoration in the Navy - Financial report for the Years 1833, 1834, and 1835 - Budget for 1841 - Table of Officers and others employed in the Naval Department

Civil Judicature.  Courts of Peace - Tribunals of primary Jurisdiction - Tribunals of Commerce - Courts of Appeal - The Areopagus, or supreme Court - Tables of the civil Courts in the Kingdom - Administrative Courts - Criminal Justice.  Police Courts - Correctional Tribunals - Assizes - Trial by Jury - Martial Law - Court of Cassation - Prisons - Lawyers - Hussiers - Notaries - Offices for the Registration of Mortgages - Salaries of the principal Law Officers - Annual Expenses of the Law Department - Budget for 1841 - Statistics and statistical Tables of Trials, Verdicts, Acquittals, &c.

State of the Greek Church on the Arrival of the King - Declaration of the Independence of the Greek Church - The Holy Synod - Administration of clerical Affairs - Minister for Religion - Clergy - Bishops, Priests, Deacons, parochial Clergy - Bishoprics - Churches - Convents - Nunneries - Ecclesiastical Fund - Budget - Catholic Religion in Greece - Protestants - Missionaries - Statistical Tables

State of Education on the King's Arrival - Organisation of Schools - Minister for Instruction - Seminary for Schoolmasters - Primary, or Elementary Schools - Girl's Schools - Hellenic Schools - Gymnasiums, or High Schools - University - Botanical Garden - Government Scholarships at Home and Abroad - Polytechnic School - American Schools - Orphan Asylum - Public Library - Depot of Books - Society of Natural History - Medical Society - Pharmaceutic Society - Philopaedeutic Society - Antiquarian Society - Regulations respecting Antiquities - Budget - Statistical Tables

The Royal Family - The Royal Arms - Principal Officers of the King's Household - The Queen's Household - The Corps Diplomatique at Athens - The consular Corps at Athens - Grecian Legations at Foreign Courts - List of the Secretaries of State, the Council of State, and Heads of public Departments - The Order of the Redeemer - The Medal distributed to those who took part in the War of Independence - The Medal of Epidaurus