ART OF SILK MUSEUM, Soufli - Regional Unit of Evros, East Macedonia and Thrace Region, Greece

Regional Unit of Evros, 
East Macedonia and Thrace Region, 

"Fsilk_museumor the last 60 years the Tsiakiri Silk House has been active in the production of silk in Soufli. Now they have created a jewel in the centre of the town, a unique space to show off and preserve the rich tradition of silk weaving and production in the area.
Original exhibits combined with the latest technology take the visitor, step by step, on a journey as unique as that of silk itself.
In the Art of Silk Museum you will be guided through the exhibits in the carefully restored neoclassical building.
The exhibits are in working order and the visitor will be able to get a taste of what it meant to work in the silk industry from silk reeling and processing machines to weaving both with power and hand looms. Alongside the exhibits there are videos demonstrating the various stages in the manufacture of silk from sericulture (the rearing of silkworms) to the finished product. Special tours and demonstrations are available for schools and organised groups. The museum has been fitted with the latest technology for presentations and also hosts a multilingual electronic guiding system (XENAGOS) to assist visitors in their tour of the museum."