"Greek-Armenian Race Feud Suspected in Two Deaths" article - Chicago Daily Tribune, November 23, 1913

Published in the Chicago Daily Tribune, November 23, 1913

Police Raid Rooming Houses and Arrest
Sixty-five Living in Vicinity of
Halsted and Sixty-third.

Police believe they have stumbled upon a death feud between Armenians and Greeks living in the vicinity of South Halsted and West Sixty-third streets.

Several days ago James Charapolis was found murdered in a building at 4320 South Halsted street.  There were two bullet wounds in his body.

Yesterday A. D. Kasparian was fond fatally wounded in a chair in the same building.  Lieut. McGeehan is trying to connect the two shootings.  He raided rooming houses at 4320, 4300, and 4417 South Halsted streets and took into custody sixty-five Greeks and Armenians.  He says he has gained information from some of the prisoners which indicates the existence of a race feud.

Four Armenians, all of whom lived in the building at 4320 South Halsted street, are held at the Stock Yards station.  The remainder of the sixty-five suspects were released.